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Origin PDF Downloads




Origin 그래프 그리기 예제 (ZIP, 12.2MB)


Origin 그래프 그리기 예제 및 소스 파일


Product Brochures


Key Features by Version, 2018 (PDF, 727KB)


Comparison of features across versions.

Full Feature List, 2018 (PDF, 366KB)


List of all features available in Origin and OriginPro 2018.

Origin vs. OriginPro, 2018 (PDF, 301KB)


Compares features between Origin and OriginPro 2018.

Origin Booklet, 2018 (PDF, 46.3MB)


Overview of Origin and OriginPro features.





Origin User Guide, 2018 (PDF, 11.7MB)


A comprehensive introduction to Origin's graphing and analysis capabilities.

Origin Tutorials, 2018 (PDF, 54.1MB)


Step-by-step instruction covering a wide range of graphing and analysis tasks.

Shortcuts Card, 2018 (PDF, 268KB)


Keyboard shortcut and toolbar button desk-side reference.

LabVIEW VIs (PDF, 1.57MB)


Documentation for LabVIEW VIs included with your Origin software.

User Interface Module (UIM) (PDF, 664KB)


Documentation for Origin's User Interface Module.

Software Licensing, 2018 (PDF, 1.00MB)


Licensing procedures for all Origin software license types.

Origin C Programming Guide (PDF, 3.21MB)


Language fundamentals with examples and links to the Origin C Reference.

LabTalk Scripting Guide (PDF, 4.77MB)


Introduction to LabTalk, Origin's built-in scripting language.